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Products: 2 & 4 Stroke Small Engine Oil

HO-CL Oils offers a range of 2 & 4 Stroke Motorcycle Oils and Small 4 stroke Engine Oil, specifically formulated and manufactured from 100% pure Hydro – Syn® Synthetic oil to ensure premium protection and reliability. HO-CL Oils have earned a strong reputation and loyal customer base for good reason; HO-CL Oils refuses to degrade the quality of our products by using re-refined or solvent refined base oils.

Sizes Available: 1L 2.5L 5L 10L 20L 60L 200L 1000L

Small 4 Four Stroke Engine Oil
Lawn Mower & Stationary Engine Oil that protects against rust, corrosion and wear, prolonging engine life.

RC-4T Motorcycle Oil
SAE: 20W/50
Pure Hydro – Syn® Synthetic 4-stroke Motorcycle Engine Oil formulated to deliver ultimate engine protection and performance.

XR-4T Motorcycle Engine Oil
Ultimate engine protection and performance.

XR-2T Motorcycle Engine Oil
Formulated for high-powered, high performance racing motorcycles and snowmobiles delivering superior performance, protection, cleanliness and the highest level of lubrication.

XR Motorcycle Chain Lubricant
Formulated to clean and lube at the same time to protect your bike's chain from whatever the road might kick up.

Vega 2T
2 Stroke Engine Oil
Pure Hydro – Syn® Synthetic 2 Stroke Engine Oil that delivers excellent all-round protection and performance

MR-2T Marine Synthetic Oil - Pure Hydro - Syn®
Provides maximum protection and performance of 2 stroke water cooled outboard and personal watercraft engines in extreme marine conditions

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