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Vega 2T
2 Stroke Engine Oil
Pure Hydro – Syn® Synthetic 2 Stroke Engine Oil that delivers excellent all-round protection and performance

HL690/50 Coolant
Pre Mixed 50/50
Specifically formulated for general purpose heavy duty cycle engine coolant suitable for diesel trucks, buses, marine, locomotive and static engines as well as mining equipment with both ferrous and aluminium construction

HL Concentrate Coolant
Mix at ratio: 50/50 with water
Ethylene glycol based heavy duty engine coolant which contains a blend of inhibitors specifically designed to service the requirements of a broad range of heavy duty diesel engines.

SH2 Degreaser
A premium degreaser designed for quick and efficient cleaning, non-solvent based fully biodegradable water based degreaser.

HL Heavy Duty Truck Wash
Highly effective in removing dirt, mud, road grime, oil and exhaust soot.

Chain and Bar Oil
A tough, tacky lubricant designed for lubrication of the chain, bar and sprocket on all types of chainsaws and chain driven machinery

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