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Products: Agriculture Oil

The Australian farmers are vital to the country's growth and continually face a challenging environment in which they operate in.

At HO-CL Oils we understand these challenges and continually develop and formulate 100% pure Hydro – Syn® Synthetic products that keep their equipment running at maximum performance to their meet critical harvest and sowing schedule. HO-CL Oils understands the issues and technical needs / support of the industry and have earned a strong reputation and loyal customer base for good reason; HO-CL Oils refuses to degrade the quality of our products by using re-refined or solvent refined base oils.

Sizes Available: 1L 2.5L 5L 10L 20L 60L 200L 1000L

DD 2 Stroke Engine Oil - SAE 40
A superior single grade, low ash motor oil formulated for use in Two Cycle Detroit Diesel engines

Multitrans Oil 75W-80
Universal Transmission Tractor Oil
Premium multi-functional fluid for use in tractor hydraulics, transmissions, wet brakes, PTO and final drives.

All in One Farm Oil
Super Tractor Oil Universal (STOU)- for a wide range of applications on the farm

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