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Power Transmission & Hydraulic SAE 10W
Formulated for heavy duty automatic trucks, bus power transmissions and hydraulic systems operating in severe service.

Product Code: 88840H

Premium performance, multipurpose anti-wear power transmission and hydraulic fluid (ATF) formulated from Pure Hydro – Syn® Synthetic base oil. Formulated for heavy duty automatic trucks, bus power transmissions and hydraulic systems operating in severe service.

Performance Features

Extended oil life: Pure Hydro – Syn® synthetic base fluid and inhibitor package provide outstanding oxidation resistance and thermal stability which prevents acid build-up, oil thickening and deposit formation and will extend oil drain interval as opposed to conventional solvent refined ATF.
Smooth operation: Combination of synthetic base fluid, special viscosity index improver and advanced friction modifiers provides excellent lubricating qualities at high and low temperatures and smooth shifting and efficient power transfer under all service conditions.
Maximises transmission life: Highly stable viscosity index improver resists break down under high shear conditions found in modern transmissions, maintaining oil viscosity and film thickness to protect moving components. Superior anti-wear properties and resistance to sludge formation extend the time to transmission overhaul in severe service conditions.
Minimises inventory: Selective additive package reduces inventory and risk of misapplication. Meets a wide range of manufacturers' equipment and approvals in a variety of automotive, industrial and marine applications.


  • On-highway heavy-duty automatic transmissions,
  • Off-highway heavy-duty automatic transmissions.
  • Car and light truck automatic transmissions.
  • Power steering units where the manufacturer recommends a DEXRON® or MERCON® fluid
  • Rotary vane and screw type air compressors. (Where this type of fluid is appropriate)
  • Mobile hydraulic systems.
  • Industrial anti-wear hydraulic systems
  • Marine anti-wear hydraulic systems.
  • Manual transmissions and transaxles (where this type of fluid is appropriate).


• API CF l API CF-2 Caterpillar TO-4 Allison C-4
Komatsu KES 07.868.1 Eaton Vickers EH-1027C Komatsu Dresser
Temec / TTC Dana Powershift

Viscosity @ 100°C 7.31 cSt Viscosity @ 40°C 50.53 cSt
Viscosity index 104.0

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