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Small 4 Four Stroke Engine Oil
Lawn Mower & Stationary Engine Oil that protects against rust, corrosion and wear, prolonging engine life.

Product Code: 88869H

HO-CL Oils pure Hydro – Syn® synthetic Monograde SAE 30 crankcase oil designed for small petrol and diesel engines. It controls oil consumption and deposits and protects against rust, corrosion and wear, prolonging engine life

Performance Features

Provides less engine oil loss and delivers greater protection.
Suitable for most four stroke garden appliances.
Oil specifically manufactured for smaller stationary engines.
Oil formulated to retain its viscosity during the life of the oil.


Four stroke petrol lawn mower engines running on leaded, unleaded or lead replacement gasoline, especially Briggs and Stratton engines.
Also for small four stroke petrol and diesel stationary engines.
It is not recommended for two stroke petrol or two stroke diesel engines


Briggs & Stratton Service: SG SAE: 30

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