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10W-40 Comet Engine Oil - API: SN/CF
Full Synthetic Motor Oil exceeds the requirements of major car manufacturers

Product Code: 88809H

HO-CL Comet Engine Oil 10W/40 is premium motor oil formulated from Pure Hydro – Syn® synthetic base stock and the latest high performance additives. It is recommended for petrol engines requiring multi-valve and turbo type oils, with or without catalytic converter and in light diesel engines.

Performance Features

Advanced protection against higher temperature and stresses encountered in modern engines.
Designed to protect turbo chargers, multi-valve systems and catalytic converters
Superior protection for turbo chargers, multi-valve systems and catalytic converters.
Excellent thermal and oxidation stability
Reduced engine wear and delivers prolong engine and component life


HO-CL Comet Engine Oil uses the latest technology to meet the needs of today's more demanding modern engine where API SN / CF or ACEA A5/B5-10 (2010). oils are specified operating in the most demanding service conditions encountered in city and highway driving


Association of European Automotive Manufacturers (ACEA) A5/B5-10 (2010).
Japan Automobile Standards Organisation (JASO) SG+
Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) 10W-40
American Petroleum Institute (API): SN/CF

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