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Hydraulic Oil ISO-150
Formulated for hydraulic systems and vane, gear or piston pumps, operating at high or low temperatures, pressures and speeds.

Product Code: 88864H

A Pure Hydro – Syn® range of hydraulic fluids, designed for use in mobile and stationary high pressure hydraulic systems that have been incorporated with an advanced zinc anti wear additive package that also find application as circulating oils, bearing oils and as a light gear lubricant.

Performance Features

Longer equipment life - The advanced zinc anti-wear additive package reduces wear by protecting metal sliding surfaces when load stresses the lubricant film.
Reduced downtime - The advanced rust and oxidation inhibitor additives prevent the production of moisture and oil breakdown, which can damage equipment surfaces and seals, and block filters prematurely.
Trouble free operation: Good hydrolytic stability and water separation characteristics provide excellent filterability in the presence of water contamination. Good anti foam and air release properties ensure smooth operation and system efficiency.
Extended oil service life: High oxidation stability resists oil thickening and deposit formation in service, eliminating the need for unscheduled change of hydraulic fluid


Formulated for the lubrication of a wide range of mobile and stationary equipment where high resistance to rust and oxidation, with excellent anti wear properties, foam resistance, and excellent demulsibility are demanded for maximum protection of all metal parts.
Hydraulics: Particularly suited to all types of hydraulic systems and vane, gear or piston pumps, operating at high or low temperatures, pressures and speeds. Suits equipment containing silver plated components .Grades 32, 46 and 68 are highly recommended for use in earthmoving hydraulic systems and of mobile and stationary plant.
Gears: May be used in lightly loaded gear boxes containing spur, helical, double helical and straight bevel gearing. Not recommended for spiral bevel, hypoid and worm gears or where EP gear lubricants are specified.
Bearings: Suitable for ball and roller bearings, and plain bearings. In selecting a viscosity grade to suit the bearing size, temperature of operation and speed of rotation, the manufacturers' recommendations should be adhered to.
Compressors: Suitable for most types of compressors, particularly reciprocating compressors.
Widely used as turbine oils and in factory circulating systems. Also suitable for fluid couplings and transmission chains operating in oil tight casings and is also recommended in air-line lubricators as a moisture trap


ISO Grade: 150
International Organisation for Standardization (ISO) Standard 6743 Part 4 Type HM

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