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HO-CL Oils is proudly an Australian Owned manufacturer of finished lubricating oils blended with (pure) Hydro-Syn® Synthetic oils.

Located in Harden NSW, HO-CL Oils is more than just an oil company; we strive to deliver a positive difference through our lubricants by supporting local communities and formulating lower level toxicity lubricants that care for the environment.

HO-CL Oils services the Agricultural, Transport, Automotive, Civil and Construction, Mining, Workshops and Fleet Operations delivering premium products at a competitive price.
Our guarantee is that you are purchasing a premium product that will deliver reliability, durability, performance and added value.

Our philosophy is that we refuse to degrade the quality of our products by using re-refined or solvent refined base oils.

HO-CL Oils have a very high viscosity index guaranteeing engine lubrication under wide temperature ranges delivering fuel efficiency and cooler operating temperatures.

The natural high viscosity of HO-CL Oils ensures outstanding results in CCS (Cold Crank Simulator) tests. The finished oil oxidative and thermal stability provides longer service life where and when required.
Oxidative and thermal stability eliminates concerns of oil consumption and poisoning of catalytic converters.

At HO-CL Oils we continually challenge ourselves to create lasting change for individuals, small and big businesses through formulating and manufacturing lubricants that customers identify as high quality and profitable.